All Lessons Custom Tailored to Students Needs!

Sheet music
Theory Lessons

Learning the mechanics of music. Theory lessons are apart of a students music  development, and included as part of a students lesson to ensure they have maximum understanding of the music, but relevant to what the students is learning and applied in a practical approach. Theory does not need to be boring - It needs to be relevant. 

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons are tailored individually to each student. Lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, inspiring and educational. We build the right foundation to ensure that all students are confident and comfortable in their abilities. All Ages are welcome!!

Aural Training

Incorporated in all piano lessons is aural training - the ability to recognise functions of music by ear. Aural develops a students sense of Pitch, Rhythm, Tonality, Melody, Intervals and Chords. 

Exam Preperation

Although Public Examinations may not be a desirable pathway for a students, it is encouraged. Preparing students for exams such AMEB or ABRSM can help a student to feel more accomplished. We specialise in preparing students for exams to ensure they achieve the best results they possibly can.